We visited RAF Hendon in November and were lucky enough to be able to meet one of the curators of the archives, who provided us with various pieces details to do with our boat.

One of the items was a copy of her service record, showing where she was based and when.

DateLocationUnit / Notes
23/11/42CalshotTaken on charge at Calshot
01/06/43Falmouth42 ASR
15/04/44Newlyn32 ASR
04/05/44CalshotAllied Expeditionary Air Force
24/07/44Calshot85 Group
09/09/44Aberdeen10 ASRU
05/10/45Newhaven28 ASR
12/04/4685 Group
17/06/46238 MU
24/06/47No. 1 MCTS
03/02/38Pembroke DockTraining section
19/01/52238 MU
10/04/52Felixstow1103 MCU
25/09/52CowesHanded to Groves & Guttridge for conversion to TTL
01/09/53Immingham1110 MCU
06/03/56Calshot238 MU - Storage and fitting of scrim
07/05/57Newhaven1107 MCU
01/09/57Holyhead1113 MCU
30/04/58HolyheadAuthorised to be disposed of