On the 14th March 2013 she was strapped to the cradle and was loaded onto a low loader. The low loader was a rear steer, extending trailer, the actual load took no real time as it was reversed under her, the trailer was then raised on its air bags, lifting her slightly and allowing the packing to be removed.

The various warning signs were then secured ready for her big journey the next day.
At 10am the next morning we started rolling, as usual when we do anything boat related the weather was terrible, you do not really get an idea of her size until she is mobile.
It took over 30 minutes to get to the by-pass, which was only a couple miles away from the Marina because of people cutting her up or thinking they could get past the load, instead of just waiting a couple of minutes.

It amazed me how many people kept trying to cut up the convoy, at one point a white Audi A1 cut in behind the boat, ignoring the 3 convoy vehicles.

Once we were outside Preston the trip to Hooton Park did not take that long, the wagon moved at a steady 40mph and we were there for 12:30.

The plan was for her to drive into an old garden centre opposite and then reverse in, over uneven ground that we had had covered with a temporary road way.

It all went without hitch, there was no drama. If anything after the tow and lift was, it was a total none event, but that is down to the team of people we had.