The first part of the move was to get 2552 to Preston Marina where she can be lifted out and transport her to the Griffin Trust, no mean feat as she has been on the bottom of the canal on a regular basis in the last couple of months and has spent the previous 18 months there. Also she hasn't really moved for many, many years.
Chris recomended a guy called Jim who has a Pinnace called GNAT, moored at Tarleton boat yard. Once I'd made contact with Jim we discussed the tow, possible dates etc and it was agreed that she would move in January 2013. There were two possible tides, the first on the 10th and 11th, the other at the end of the month.
Inittially we planned on the tide at the end of the month, however the weather looked good for the 10th so we decided to go for it. I prepared her on the 9th, making sure we had a generator onboard, petrol water pump and also backup 12v bilge pumps.
We left the lock at Tarleton shortly before 9am while the tide was just starting to come in. Three boat in convoy, the Pinnace started the tow and shortly after Hesketh Bank the other boat tied up along side it and both boats towed her. She glided across the water and it gave me a feel for what she will be like when she is back on the water.
The photo to the right gives you an idea of how wide the river Douglas and Ribble are, it was certainly a lot larger than I thought it was going to be. Just after this photo was taken the generator failed and it was panic time while I got the battery bilge pumps running, there was around 60cm of water in the bilge by the time I got the pumps started. I'd ordered a 3,000 gallon per hour pump and it made short work of the water in the bilge.
About 2 and a half hours after setting off we arrived at Preston Marina, after what must have been one of the most stressful mornings of my life. She survived the tow which is a testamemt to the people that designed and built her.
Quite a few of our friends assumed that the tow was up a canal or a short distance, the map shows the route that we took, roughly ten miles on two rivers.